APL is proud to now offer mobile reliable prime power to our customers, with popular stock available within 3 days. Multi-voltage selector switch is standard that easily provides 120/240 single-phase or 277/480 three-phase depending on your application. EPA approved Isuzu & John Deere engine make this high-caliber product the new industry standard.

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25 – 135KVA.


Take control  of your power! Keep your sump pump, well or business computer going for DAYS- For less than the cost of a battery backup system! Packages come with 100amp, 16/32 circuit ATS loadpanel for automatic protection of your critical circuits. If you want your entire 60amp subpanel protected from power failure, we will swap it for a 100amp ATS & 5 year rated POWER battery-FREE! Contractors, take advantage of our FREE 4 month generator storage program* while you rough in the transfer switch. Generators come with limited 5-year limited warranty. Take advantage of the Optional 10 year Full Warranty for only $300**    Last, but certainly not least is the new ultra-quiet operation. Made in the USA, CSA approved.                     *After 4 months, a $20 per month storage fee charged       **APL exclusive offer

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9 Kw pre-packed model 7030
11 Kw pre-packed model 7032

Looking to replace your small, antiquated 3 phase generator or need an economical way to protect a small to medium-sized server room with a system that can mount safely to an existing flat roof? We offer 3 phase air-cooled Gillette 12kw & now Generac 17kw generators that are quiet, yet powerful enough to keep your emergency lights or server UPS supply operating for as long as hydro is out with clean power.

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