Generator Installations Require Proper Time and Planning

The season of severe winter weather is just around the corner. Snow storms, severe wind and everything in between can have a major effect of your home. Every year, millions of utility customers do without power for periods that range from a few hours to a few weeks.

While not everyone in the country will be affected by the season’s power outages, there is no guarantee anyone will have uninterrupted power.

Absolute power keeps multiple generators in stock and ready to ship within a day or two, but that doesn’t mean you can order one today and plug it in tomorrow.

Planning Process

Before you purchase, select a location for the generator that meets local and national fire and electrical codes, and also the manufacturer’s recommendation. For most air-cooled residential standby generators, this means 18 inches away from the building, 36 inches of clearance on either side and in front of the unit, and a minimum of five feet horizontally to any window, door, vent, or other opening.

It is important that you speak with the local building department yourself. Being informed about local codes and what it takes to install the generator properly will help you spot shoddy work and avoid problems later. Take a plat of survey with you to the building department and show them where you want to install the unit. Some communities require an inspection to ensure the location and electrical system are up to code.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait for the next storm to look for a generator as by then it is most likely to late. Plan ahead for severe weather and other utility disruptions and begin planning your standby generator installation today. You won’t be sorry when the rest of the neighborhood is dark and freezing while your lights are on and your home is nice and warm.

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