We make Residential, Commercial and Industrial generator installation seem simple. Sizing each unit using proven methods before offering any of our products, you are guaranteed the best value for your money. Absolute Power offers the ultimate UPS solution for your home-based business or corporation. Why not call us today? Tollfree in Canada 1-855-834-8484 or service@apower.ca

Stocking all the popular sizes, they usually offer same day service and consultation advice on placing your UPS. 24/7 backup power.For as little as $500.00, we can pre-wire your new home for emergency power and avoid catastrophic loss to carpet, hardwood and drywall.

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Natural Gas & Propane Generators

Natural Gas and Propane Generators suitable to every need up to 225KW – 3 phase. You don’t need to suffer when the power goes off anymore. Thrive with un-interruptable power and witness first hand the benefits of clean burning and continuous fuel. From small homes to large business, we deliver on value and service.


Diesel Generators

Heavy-Duty Diesel Generators, suitable for locations where availability to Natural gas or Propane is limited. We have all your power needs covered and provide any accessory required to keep your unit reliable, even in the dead of Winter. All our Gillette units come with Open, Standard or ‘Super-Silent’ enclosures to fit every need. 24, 48 or 72 hour tanks are available on all models.


Off-Grid Packages

Solar Energy Packages for an environmentally friendly way to supplement your power needs. From home to business uses, we have the answer to clean and reliable power. Take advantage of the offer by BC Hydro to buy energy from you using Net Metering.


Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches (Transfer Panels) are needed to switch your power between Utility and an emergency source. We offer every size, voltage, phase and feature. If we don’t have what you’re looking for ships weekly. Inventory is kept on 100A 16 circuit emergency sub-panels for homeowners wishing to have their electrician redirect their homes essential circuits.

During a blackout or any loss of power, a transfer switches will detect a loss of utility power and turn on your generator before switching to backup power – automatically.