Absolute Power Ltd. offers:

Installation & Maintenance

Absolute Power is able to offer installation and relocation service to customers who require us to supply, install or move a generator. We carry out all the steps including;

  • Project consultation customized to your needs

  • Transfer switch or emergency sub-panel installation

  • Meter upgrades and gas piping

  • Steel work fabrication and placing bollards

  • Loading and delivery of equipment

  • Acoustic reinforcement for sensitive areas

  • Site preparation including chain-link fencing

  • Commissioning and demonstration of your generator

  • Issuing documents and highlighting proper care information

  • Providing 24/7 emergency call out on our Generac & Gillette product

  • Pull municipal & Provincial Gas and Electrical permits

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Contact: service@apower.ca

Investing in standby power is a wise business decision. Compared to the expense of lost revenue and inventory spoilage, an automatic standby genset is an essential solution that will provide years of reliable service. For example, here are five cost-effective options

  • An 8 kilowatt Guardian: Air-cooled standby generator with automatic transfer switch package. This Propane/ Natural gas-fueled system would operate a 3/4HP sump pump, 1/3HP furnace fan, fridge, toaster oven and two light circuits. This is the most economical solution for folks with a basement sump pump, and is 100% automatic. When the power goes out it starts then transfers to generator power within 7 seconds (adjustable for longer delay before start-up).

  • A 12 kilowatt Gillette: Air-cooled standby generator with automatic transfer switch package. This fully automatic system is best suited for mission critical Internet servers that employ up to a 3 ton AC unit in their Hub room.

  • A 20 kilowatt Guardian: Air-cooled standby generator with 200 amp transfer switch for people that don’t want to be interrupted by a power outage. This fully automatic system would go before your main electric panel to power every circuit in your home or office.

  • A 22 kilowatt Elite Guardian: Liquid-cooled standby system. This fully automatic system was meant for convenience stores with a gas bar. Will provide quiet power to the entire store so your customers can still stock up on supplies during a prolonged outage.

  • A 45- 150 kilowatt Elite Guardian: Liquid-cooled with available 200 to 800 amp, 3 phase transfer switch. Will keep any business with spotty power protected from expensive downtime such as a Supermarket. The cost / benefit analysis for a standby power system is compelling and simple, according to Carr. It’s easy to see how quickly this investment will pay for itself. A business that averages $850 of revenue per hour will recoup the cost of a backup system during its first 24-hour outage. Add the advantages of being open while competitors without backup power are shut down and the cost / benefit analysis looks even better.

Absolute Power can perform maintenance on your equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet your schedule.

  • For generators, our periodic scheduling takes away your need to properly maintain your generator for when you really need it.

  • We carry a stock of parts, including oil filters, spark plugs, and air cleaners on what we sell.

  • The longer the maintenance contract, the cheaper our rates become.

  • Buildings can benefit from our periodic maintenance as well from their continued patronage.

  • We offer energy conservation consultations, free with a contract.

  • Provide sound deadening for generators.

  • Vandalproofing of generators.

  • Identify possible future problems to keep your emergency system ready when you need it.

  • Included in our service is re-torque existing circuit wiring breakers and neutrals on any installation service.

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