Natural Gas & Propane Generators

Below you will find a selection of Natural Gas & Propane Generators suitable to every need up to 150 Kw – single phase or three phase. Why have your business suffer because some poor soul took out a power pole? Did you know- A company’s ROI is usually repaid after the first outage? What’s best about Air-cooled natural gas units is they can be placed on flat roofs using existing HVAC gas pipes for security. Call 604-600-2230 today for details and witness first hand the benefits of clean burning, continuous fueled power generation. Does Absolute Power deliver on power generation? Absolutely!

Generac Air Cooled | Guardian Series

3-phase 208V Output: 17/20kw Natural gas/Propane generator model 7077

Introducing the ultimate commercial server room backup solution. Featuring clean, electronically governed 120/208V 3 phase power with wireless monitoring for rooftop installations. Comes with 5 year limited warranty. Made in the USA, call for pricing!


Output: 7.5 Kw Model 6998

Unbeatable value! Package comes with 8 circuit, 50 amp rated automatic transfer switch (ATS), complete with breakers. Designed to protect sump pumps, fridge, lighting & plug circuit. Best Value!!


Output: 10-18 Kw Models: 7172 (10kw), 7224 (14kw), 7226 (18kw)

Unbeatable value! Package comes with, 16 circuit, 100 amp rated automatic transfer loadpanel or have APL swap it for a 100amp ATS switch & 5 year rated POWER battery for no extra charge. Circuit breaker locked inside enclosure with external status light to know if the system is working. Standard 5 year limited, or purchase the optional 5 year full parts & labour warranty for $200! Don’t be fooled by US websites, we only sell Generac CSA approved equipment.


Output: 26 Kw  Model: 7290

Mid-sized home with 200 amp service, small office or store. Comes with 1,800RPM monthly exercise mode for quiet self-testing. APL keeps a full stock of air-cooled equipment to keep your project on track along with flexible pay options. ATS sold separately. Contractors, take advantage of our free 4 month generator storage program* while you rough the ATS in. (*after 4 months, $20 monthly fee applies)


Output: 22-24 Kw  Models: 7042 (22kw) & 7209 (24kw)

Mid-sized house with 200 amp main panel & gas heat. Sorry, package unavailable for this model. Please see our Transfer Switch section for appropriate size and prices.


Generac Automatic Loadshed Modules 50-100Amp

240 Volt single-phase SMM (Smart Management Module) manages inrush of electrical loads on startup and automatically sheds them during generator overload conditions. It contains built-in intelligence, which eliminates the need for an external controller, and has lock-out functionality for non-critical loads under generator power. A NEMA 3R enclosure allows flexibility to install either indoors or outdoors


Generac Liquid Cooled | Protector Series

A-Power Generac Protector Series Generators Image

Output: 22 – 27 – 36 & 48 Kw

Small commercial, Estate home or Light Industrial use. The Protector series delivers on price and value. Features 1800RPM Mitsubishi or Ford engine (depending on model) and is available in single & three phase configurations with an aluminum sound attenuated enclosure FOR NO EXTRA COST! Half-speed self-test option standard.


Gillette Liquid Cooled 25-800kw | Sentry-Pro Power Systems


Output: 40 Kw

Powered by a 4.3L GM Vortec engine. Customizable to be an open-style, Standard or Super-silent. Suitable for prime use.



Output: 62 Kw

Powered by a 5.7L GM Vortec engine. If generators were like cars, this one would be a Cadillac.


Gillette offers sizes ranging from 12- 350 Kw, popular models shown for the general public. If you require a different model size call APL to discuss your requirements. Custom orders typically ship in 4 weeks.

Generac Liquid-Cooled | Guardian Series


Output: 60 Kw

Need just a little more power? Designed to handle varying loads without breaking a sweat, this 1800RPM machine absorbs large loads. Useful for Estate home or commercial use.



Output: 100 Kw

Keep the production line or the office going while hydro is being restored. 3600RPM



Output: 70-150 Kw

Do you own a Restaurant or Pub? This machine was built for you. Imagine being the only place in town with power when the game’s on! 3600RPM


Popular sizes shown, but all sizes are available, from 22-150 KW. If you require a different model size, call APL to discuss your requirements. Orders typically ship in 3 to 4 weeks *lead times may change without notice.