Below you will find a selection of Solar Energy Packages for an environmentally friendly way to supplement your power needs. From home to business uses, we have the answer to clean and reliable power. Take advantage of the offer by BC Hydro to buy energy from you using Net Metering. Visit for more information.

Shine On!


Solar panels & Inverter packages

Sizes range from 1400W STC up to 7875W and are designed specifically for residential and small commercial grid tied applications.



Hybrid Generator/Solar Combo

Combination hybrid packages are designed for cottages that do not have access to the power grid.


 Biomass Fuelled Generator Systems_1.0

Biomass Fuelled Generator Systems

We are committed to providing our customers Absolute Power & are pleased to now be able to offer off-grid biomass fuelled generator systems.

The first model has been optimized to run off iHemp which, at last check is being burnt to the ground for lack of accessible fibre processing equipment.

Partnering with Canfiber Inc., the system is designed to utilize the leftover stalk from their revolutionary ribbon decortication system to power a stand alone building to not only power their process, but further process the bast fibre by utilizing the heat from the engine to cottonize the fibre using an NRC licensed enzyme.

The system could also be used in government run medical marijuana facilities that wish to add value to their leftover stalks post-harvest. By combining oil bath air filtration with wood chips & final paper media to prevent any particulate from entering the engine, the system is designed to operate up to 10,000 hours before the engine heads would require replacing.

Please contact Absolute Power Ltd to arrange appointment to see system. We look forward to serving you- Absolute Power, your bio-energy generator specialist.