Generator Scheduled Maintenance Information

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Generator Scheduled Maintenance

Our service contracts provide peace of mind to those people that don’t want to worry about servicing their own unit. We will perform the following actions;

a. Remove oil and filter and replace with semi-synthetic oil and OEM equivalent filter;
b. Inspect air filter and change if necessary;
c. Lubricate locks;
d. Replace spark plug(s) as required;
e. Check air inlets and outlets for debris. Clean as necessary;
f. Check and adjust valve clearance;
g. Check battery;
h. Check that high temperature shutdown is working per specifications;
i. Check oil pressure shutdown is working per specifications;
j. Check and add engine coolant for liquid cooled generators if required;
k. Oil engine linkages with light oil;
l. Check voltage and frequency produced by generator and adjust to proper settings;
m. Check operation of transfer switch;
n. Operate Generator under load for ten minutes and check voltage and frequency;
o. Confirm operation of Auto transfer switch;
p. Provide report to Customer detailing any observed problem that may require warranty service from APL or replacement of worn parts;
q. Record service information in log that is provided and kept inside the generator cabinet

Factory Authorized Repair Service

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Absolute Power stocks their BC location with many of the most common parts from Generac’s factory in Wisconsin so you can have your unit up and running again in no time.

APL’s repair rate set by Generac is $94.00 per hour, travel time is measured by distance travelled and is currently $0.59 cents per Km but subject to change without notice according to fuel prices.